Where to Eat in LA!


I love to eat. I love everything from trendy sushi spots to Olive Garden. People ask me my favorite places to eat in my area all the time so here ya go! Keep in mind, in LA you rarely leave your ‘hood. If you live west, you stay west. Live in the valley? I’m gonna bet you generally wine and dine in the valley. I live in West Hollywood so I tend to frequent only spots in weho/Hollywood area!

La Poubelle (French)


Located in Franklin Village, My boyfriend and I do date nights here often. It’s dim lit, the cocktails are great and it’s super romantic. UCB, an awesome comedy troupe/school/theater is right next door.  For an awesome date, go to dinner then catch a show! You Must Try: Their truffle brussel sprout leaves. Thank me later.

Vintage Enoteca (Italian Fusion)


My favorite neighborhood spot. The sangria during happy hour is sweet and amazing. It has a seasonal menu that is constantly changing so I’m always excited to try the new items and never get bored.  Love their flatbreads and pastas. You Must Try: The deviled eggs. I don’t even love deviled eggs, but I LOVE theirs.

The Churchill (American)


People often come here to drink because it’s a cool vibe and has a huge bar area, but the food is actually ridic! If you are like me and constantly trying to eat low-carb, you will LOVE it here because they have a TON of yummy veggie sides. I love their meatballs and I usually get a chopped salad or tons of sides like caramelized carrots or asparagus.  All the girls I bring here are always in heaven. You must try: the inca smash cocktail—especially if you love blackberries!

Delancey (Pizza)


Another great date place! Candlelit, intimate, great food, super chill atmosphere. STILL, last time I was there I brought my family who was visiting, sitting nearby was Michelle Williams, Josh Jackson, Busy Phillips and Diane Krueger.  I promise though, Delancey manages to be cool without being TOOO sceney. You Must Try: The Mercer Pizza is my fave! Carmelized onions, bacon, gorgonzola..mmmmm…..

Ruen Pair (Thai)


Best, most authentic Thai in Thai town! Not fancy at all. No frills. Very inexpensive, HUGE portions, fast service. Must Try: Pad Ka Prow: spicy basil ground chicken. They do it right!

Bao (Dim Sum)


I’m big on dim sum because I’m from San Francisco. Dim sum is my JAM. This place is amazing. Everything is good! Great to go with friends and order a ton of stuff to try. You can’t go wrong! Must Try: The dessert milk buns and the Chinese Chicken salad

Salt’s Cure (American, Butcher)


Meat lovers will love this place. It’s a few blocks from my house so my boyfriend and I go for brunch. It’s cool and hipster-y but the food is cooked right behind the counter, down home, comfort food.   Makes you feel like they butchered the animal out back. Small menu, cool specials, NOT for vegetarians or picky orderers! MUST try: the breakfast sausage. REDIC.

Bld (American)


My go-to brunch spot. Anytime an out of towner comes to visit, I take them here. It can be a bit of a wait on the weekends, but it’s worth it! The food is fresh and delicious and accessible for picky eaters. Wednesday nights the pastry chef makes gourmet doughnuts. C’mon. You must try: The Morrocan lamb burger

Sugarfish (Sushi)


Alright, gotta have ONE super trendy spot on here! It’s LA, after all. Here’s the thing about Sugarfish, even though there’s a ton of hype: It’s earned. My boyfriend  is Japanese and he knows his sushi. The sushi at this place is just so clean and fresh and awesome. I am not super crazy adventurous with sushi, my boyfriend will try AN-Y-THING, I don’t like fishy tasting stuff.  I’m never scared to try anything at Sugarfish, though, because it’s all so good! You Must Try: The Trust Me (if you’re hungry) or The Trust Me Light.  Get a little bit of everything with these prix-fixed dinners.

Have a spot you absolutely love that I didn’t mention? Would love to know!  Hook me up: leahmckendrick@gmail.com


Staying Skinny


It’s a battle!  Whether I like it or not, It’s part of what I do as an actor.  Duh.  It can be hard and I get insecure all the time!  A lot lately, actually.

I’d always been secure about my size, I’m naturally thin.  I never used to own a scale or worry about it.  I’m famous for eating anything and everything and I love fast food.  I’ve always been the friend that demands we hit up the Wendy’s drive through after a night out.  Well, I’m not 21 anymore and for the first time, I can see it!  I’m not able to get away with murder anymore.  The other day I had a freak out because since the holidays my clothes have not really been fitting me!

People ask me how I stay thin and I USED to say, “I work out a lot”.  That’s not really true.  I would say that though, hoping people would just think, “She earned it, I can too.”  instead of “that Jack in the Box eating bitch!”  My metabolism has most definitely slowed, but I still need to stay thin!  So here is the TRUTH.  Here are my tips, and keep in mind, I’m not a personal trainer, just an actress.

-Do stuff with friends.  In LA we have a hiking spot called Runyon Canyon.  I ask a friend to go with me and most of the time you just talk and catch up.  You feel great afterwards and don’t feel bad about eating all day!  Plus, you want and need to see your friends anyway!

-Take dance class!  If you live in LA or NY, there are certain studios where the DANCER dancers go, and that can be really intimidating!  Find out where there are studios with fun classes that are more for people looking for a good time or a great work out.  You won’t feel self conscious and you can have fun with it.  Try hip hop, or sexy burlesque or grab a girlfriend and do a pole dancing class!

-Don’t deny yourself anything.  If I say absolutely no to pizza, burgers, sweets:  I’m miserable.  So swap them out for something less dangerous.  Instead of cookies have frozen yogurt.  Share the burger with someone and order a huge salad.  Make your own pizza at home and load it up with fresh veggies.  I have VERY LITTLE self restraint when it comes to food so I have to figure out what tastes good, makes me happy and doesn’t make me feel like I’m depriving myself.

-Don’t eat late at night.  This is a HARD one but here’s a tip I’ve told a lot of people and they’ve told me it works for them also.  Late at night I will get cravings even though I’m not particularly hungry.  I want ice cream and/or chips usually.  I try not to keep that stuff in the house but if it’s there, I WANT IT.  So here ya go:  If you have a salty craving, eat some olives.  I always have a jar of them and I’ll eat them one at a time and they are so salty and yummy after a couple I’m usually happy.  Sometimes I’ll also have a bit of turkey with it.  Easy, quick, satisfying!  When I’m craving sweet, I love vanilla greek yogurt.  It’s so thick and creamy it always feels decadent.  Another one I’ve done,  I stole from Natalie Portman.  When she was losing weight for Black Swan, if she got hungry at night, she would drink milk. I’m not telling you to go hungry.  If you are hungry, EAT!  But if you are eating out of boredom or out of habit, like me:  Don’t warm up those leftovers, nosh.

-Alcohol.  I don’t believe in cutting out alcohol.  Works for some people, very impressive, power to them!  But not to sound like an alcoholic, alcohol is a part of my social life.  I meet my friends for happy hour.  We have wine at my house…  Nothing wrong with it!  I love trying new weird cocktails everywhere I go: DANGEROUS.  Those signature cocktails are usually loaded with TONS of sugar.  I love them!  This is a hard one for me.  Vodka sodas suck and bore me.  So make a compromise:  Have one cocktail and then switch.  Red wine instead of white.  Skinny margarita instead of regular.  Just remember: just because it’s a liquid doesn’t mean it’s not packed with naughty stuff.  Enjoy yourself but don’t go crazy!

-Get in a little bit every day.  If you live in LA like me, you probably never walk anywhere.  It’s the culture!  But find a way to get active every day that is painless and easy.  Walk to the nail salon.  Take the stairs at the movies.  Run on the treadmill for 20 min.  I love crunches because my stomach is always my biggest concern.  It’s not about becoming a crazy body builder that works out for 90 minutes every day, it’s about taking opportunities to get out of your car and using your feet.

-Desperate times call for desperate measures: yep I’m going to say it.  When you really want to look good for something, cut out carbs.  This is SOOOOO hard.  When I was getting ready for a role last year, I did it and I was so busy the 2 weeks leading up to shooting that I actually stuck to it and I looked GOOD, not gonna lie!  It’s hard.  I LOVE thai food.  If you love thai food too, I would recommend having a lot of that because there are a lot of yummy dishes, just don’t get the rice!  I would eat a lot of pa gra pow: a chicken and basil dish.  And I love green beans and tofu.  Other suggestions: lettuce wraps, tuna filled avocados, Chicken breast and salad…You get it!  If you’ve got a pool party coming up, give it a shot!


At the end of the day, it’s not about looking like a Victoria’s Secret model.  They are freaks of nature plus they make millions to STAY looking like that!  That must be tough.

Your goal should be to feel sexy and look your best.  Don’t you feel awesome after you just worked out?  I know I do.  So get out there, get active, and eat food that tastes GOOD to you. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

I hope this helps!



Losing My Tia…


I found out on Saturday that my Tia Thelma (“Aunt” in Spanish) passed away.  She is actually my great aunt, my mother’s aunt, but was very very close to me my whole life because my Grandma died when I was a baby so she filled that role for me, for all of us.

The sadness comes in waves.  Sometimes I cry.  Sometimes I am mad at myself for sitting in her room the day before she died, watching “The Faculty” while she and my mom talked.  I am mad at myself for not singing when she asked me to on Christmas in that lunch room we were in.  I was like, Tia there all these people around us!  I should have just sung.  For the last time.  I know I shouldn’t dwell on that stuff.  I know peace will come with time.

We had a special Thanksgiving.  We always have holiday dinners at my house in San Francisco and all my relatives come over.  Tia stopped coming a couple years ago.  Mom told me it’s because her eye sight wasn’t so great these days and it was a lot of work for her to get ready and get picked up and spend time with so many people.  When I saw her at her home I said, Tia come to Thanksgiving!  All you have to do is sit there and eat.  That’s all.  She decided to come!  My cousin James came with me to pick her up and I did her makeup and combed her hair.  She told me that when I was a tiny girl I would say, “Sit down Tia, I’m going to do your makeup.” and back then my skills were questionable so I’d make her look like a clown.  As James and I helped her down the stairs to the car, it made me realize how fragile she was.  We’d come full circle.  So many years had passed.  Everyone was so happy to have her there on Thanksgiving.  It was so nice.

I went home to LA the next day and a couple days later my Mom called me and told me Tia had had a heart attack.  It wasn’t good and I needed to get on a plane.  By the time I was in SF she was in heart surgery.  They didn’t know if she’d wake up, didn’t know how it would go…  She did wake up.  They were very hopeful.  They said the surgery had gone great.  She needed to go to a rehab facility for a couple weeks to get back to walking and all that.  We were all relieved.  I was back to LA.  When I returned home for Christmas, she was in her rehab facility.  She did NOT like it and who could blame her?  Lots of elderly people, no privacy, bland food.  She wanted to go home to her little house.  I was with her the day before she died.  She said her chest hurt.  I hugged her and I said, “Tia, next time I see you, you’ll be feeling much better.  I’ll come back in a few weeks.”  She said, “Yes, next time you see me, I’ll be feeling much better.”  She passed away the next day from another heart attack after I had just gotten home to LA.

I went to the computer and there was the MP3 player my Mom had given me for Tia.  I was in the process of downloading a bunch of her favorite classical music for her to listen to.  She’ll never get to listen to her music.

Death is a very weird thing.  It is my instinct to be alone.  To deal with it privately.  I know that I need to be here with my family.  It’s all so sad.  It’s sad because I didn’t want her in pain and in that rehab center she hated.  I’m sad because I loved her so much and I just hope she knew.  I’m sad because she’ll never get to see me get married or meet my kids or live my wildest dreams.  I’m sad because my family is so sad.

Tia loved me so much.  When I was a little girl, she would give me anything I wanted!  I used to feel like a princess at her house.  I would cry when I left her because I felt so sad that she was all alone.  I know that she’s not all alone now.  She has her parents and her sisters and most of all, her best friend, my abuelita.  I just hope that as she watches the rest of my life unfold, that she’s proud of me.

Things I Love…

Things are going great right now.  I’m happy.  Still, it’s easy to self sabotage.  I’m not going to do it!  There’s too much to be grateful for.  Here’s my little list…Things that I love, that make me happy to be me and to be alive…  Just in time for some turkey!


Sunsets!  My cat’s little purring/snoring thing he does.  Dlisted.com.  Showing my boyfriend funny online videos at night and hearing him laugh.  Being home in San Francisco during Thanksgiving with my family.  Looking at dresses by Zuhair Murad and fantasizing about going to the VMAs and what I’d wear…Try it! Having a great audition where I walk away and don’t think about it for the rest of the day because I am at peace with my work.  Batkid.  Being a bridesmaid!  A really, really great movie.  (Just saw Kings of Summer– A MUST SEE!)  Bedtime Tea from Trader Joe’s.  Being a woman.  Being able to finally LET IT GO.  Jean jackets.  When your hard work pays off.  Not giving a fuck what they think.  Spending the day with your friends and realizing how lucky you are to have friends!  Dressing up.  Chanel.  The new chandelier I got for my bedroom!  Being in my 20s!  (Old enough to do everything legally but still young enough to make mistakes without too much judgement!)  Fedoras.  Cozy thigh high socks.  New Orleans!  Coming home and having a new episode of New Girl to watch!  Sleeping in!  Inspirational quotes.  Realizing you’ve healed because you forgot about it.  Breakfast for dinner!  The pistachio body wash I use (from Laura Mercier–the BEST!)  Feeling beautiful.  Holiday Victoria’s Secret commercials!  Halloween costumes.  Being told, “I’m proud of you.”  Wearing my boyfriends shirts to bed every night.  The feeling AFTER working out.  Warm chocolate chip cookies.  Not minding the traffic after a long day.  Knowing you made the right decision.  Being so happy you never married the first guy you thought you were going to marry!  My sexy new winter booties.  Sex and the City reruns.  Connecting with a total stranger.  Funny lists on Buzzfeed (Like this one HAHA)

What do you love?

Miley Isn’t bad for Feminism, But BASHING Miley IS


I’m going to start by saying, I truly get both sides.

I’m a weird anomaly because I’m a trashy pop singer BUT I minored in Women’s Studies and Sociology in college.  I am a proud feminist.

Many feminists believe that Miley is terrible for women everywhere because she is over-sexualized, giving in to the media’s pressures to put her goods on display and placing the importance on twerking on married men rather than her music.

Others believe she is young and beautiful and is just having a good time being a bit of a hot mess.  She does what she wants!

What do I think?  The BEAUTY of being a woman today is that Miley, like the rest of us, has OPTIONS!  Covered-up-Lorde is successful.  Miley is successful.  Adele is successful.  Rihanna is successful.  You do NOT have to get half naked to sell records.  You also do NOT need to cover up every last inch of skin.  Female artists today can do whatever the hell they want to.

When I do my videos and my shows I’m definitely on Miley’s side of the spectrum.  And I plan it all that way.  I feel freer in less clothing.  I feel sexier and more powerful and more MYSELF.  Who is anyone to tell me to cover up?  I’m an ARTIST and I need to express myself!  I’m not hurting anyone!  You don’t like me?  Don’t watch me.  Very simple.  And you know what else?  It’s not my job or Britney’s or Miley’s or ANYONE’S to raise the youth of America.  It’s the job of your parents.  I loved Britney growing up but my Mom was right there to tell me I couldn’t wear that stuff until I was 18!

I happen to be one of those feminists that believes that Miley sets a POSITIVE example, in a way.  She is uninhibited.  She is not trapped in her body.  She RUNS her business.  She chooses her looks and her singles.  This girl has been in the business forever.  She earned it.

I urge females to refrain from the bashing.  Miley’s not your thing?  No problem, go watch something else.  You have choices.  But the media LOVES to pit females against one another.  How about we just support each other and all of our differences in tastes, opinions, creations…etc.

Because when you have that wild night and decide to dance on that table top, you can guarantee I will be rooting you on!  And so will Miley.

Real Life Mean Girls

mean-girlsScreen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.38.54 PM

I’ve been lucky in my life that I feel I have and have always had a lot of love.  I’m close to my parents.  I’m close to my little sister.  I have friends that have been my friends for like 20 years.  There are never enough hours in a day or months in a year to spend all the time I want to spend with all the people I love.

I got an email from a “friend” a month or so ago that ripped me apart as a person.  It was super hurtful and plain mean.  I wouldn’t say those things to anyone.  When you get an email like that you think, oh my God, am I horrible person?  Do I use people?  Am I a raging bitch?  My friends and boyfriend and sister were like, that email is bullshit.  And then I realized: the email wasn’t just bullshit, it was wrong.  I know me, and the truth is, I LIKE me.  And the people I care about LIKE me.  The people I don’t care about may not.  But you can’t be a gold coin to everyone!  Now if someone who was important in my life, like my best friend Aerie came to me and said, I feel like you’re being judgmental (which she HAS said in the past) then I stop and think and change.  Because I love her and don’t want to ever lose her.  But she would NEVER call me names.  NEVER rip me apart as a person.  And the truth is, she ACTUALLY knows me.

This might sound harsh, but no one needs a million friends.  No one needs BAD friends.  I for sure don’t.  I had been distancing myself from that person who wrote me for months, knowing already what was later clarified.  I don’t need ANYONE around me that feels threatened, jealous, hurt, angry etc…  I know who I am.  I work hard, I have SPECIFIC goals and I’m an artist.  Life has enough challenges, your friends should only push you and encourage you, not add to your problems!

So maybe it was a great email. 🙂  Lesson learned.

The Ugly Stuff I’d Never Share on Facebook

Do you read the Bob Lefsetz newsletter?

If you don’t and you’re in the music business, START now:  Lefsetz Letter

I’ve only been reading his letter for a couple months, but I have to say, I’ve learned a TON.  I love him, that genius.  You know what he keeps drilling in that I just can’t seem to apply to my life?  To be HONEST. To be REAL.  To show the ugly, vulerable, not-so-glam reality of a musician’s life.

Here’s the thing, I don’t consider myself fake.  Maybe I am!  I don’t lie, but I’m definitely not an open book.  People think that I am super confident, super happy and content all the time, that my life seems awesome-probably all based on what they see on Facebook!  HAHA!

I run into people all the time and they are like, “You seem to be doing GREAT!  Saw your pics from (_____).  You’re a busy girl!”  And I’m like, hell yeah!  I’ve done my job, I look busy and cool!  But the reality is, as an artist, I’m doing a shitty job!  Bob talks about how the industry of today is completely different because the fans have direct access to the artist, with twitter and instagram etc…  The fans feel close to the artist—if the artist let’s the fans get close.

I guess I’m afraid to let people get too close because I’ve been burned in the past.  I think deep down I think that anything I expose CAN and WILL be used against me in some way.  And I gotta get the F*** over that!  Some people are going to hate me, no matter what I do.  So here ya go, some honest junk I’d rather not talk about:

I’m moving in with my boyfriend.  I’m scared shitless.  Breakups suck already, why do you gotta add moving to that process? Why do I think about breaking up when things are going great?  Because I’ve got issues, obviously!

A few moths ago I was at work, doing makeup, and I got a million emails from youtube saying I’d gotten comments on my music videos.  I glanced at one and saw that it was something really mean like, “This girl is sooo gross!  She sucks!!  My ears are bleeding!”  I know, kinda funny but also fuckin rude!!  I had to get my friend Ashley to go on and block the person and handle it since I was at work…  Then this chick (or dude) made ANOTHER name to go and talk more smack on my videos!  All I could think was, NEVER in my LIFE ever would I do that to someone!  I don’t dislike ANYONE enough to put that kind of effort into being mean!  That’s the reality of doing what I do!  You probably didn’t see those comments cause I deleted that shit! lol

At the end of the day, I just want to make my parents proud.  Most of what I’ve done, my parents haven’t seen.  Not because they aren’t supportive, they are.  But they def aren’t going to go looking me up, looking at my website or my videos or anything like that.  I don’t show them my stuff too often because honestly, they just don’t seem to really get it.  They love me and tell me they are proud of me, but I can’t wait for the day that they can just turn on the TV and watch me.

It freaks me out that my friends are getting married.  I wish I was ready for that, but I’m not.  Not even close.  I think in my brain, marriage to me is settling down-in every way.  I know it’s not like you give up your career or anything when you get married-but in my head that’s what it is.  It’s not that I love to struggle, I just don’t want to lose momentum.  I don’t want to get married, move, have babies, do ANYTHING until I’m in a place that I feel accomplished.  Does that make sense?  I guess put simply, my career is the love of my life.  Sad and lonely, I know!

One time I performed at The Troubadour and it was so great, I had a lot of friends come out and they were so loving and encouraging and proud of me.  I cried the whole drive home because I said to myself, “Who cares?  Nothing to be proud of.  It’s not the MTV VMA’s.”  No matter what I do, it’s never enough.  I’m happy for a minute, but when you have dreams as big as mine, it means you’re constantly hungry and constantly dissatisfied.

Feel closer to me now?

And one last thing, I NEVER share this, but here you go!  The audition I put on tape today in my bathroom!  GHE-TTO!  Can you tell?  HaHa!

Writing a Musical Web Series: Destroy the Alpha Gammas

ImageA few months ago I decided I wanted to do a musical.  I didn’t know where I was going to get the money or who was going to do it with me (If I’ve learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that you can NOT do it alone) but I figured that the first step was writing it.  But what to write?

I knew I had access to my apartment.  So i thought, maybe I could do something like Melrose Place-but a musical!  Roommates and neighbors, lots of drama, everyone sleeps with everyone…  Super slutty!  But to make that into a musical seemed like a bit of a stretch and dare I say, unnatural?  Since musicals are always SO natural… haha

Then I thought, what if I did sororities?  I could shoot it in friends’ houses…I know a TON more girls that can sing than guys….  Plus sororities are fun!  In college, my roommate, Laurita (to this day, one of my closest friends) was in a sorority.  I was a theatre major and they really discouraged you to do anything outside of theatre (kind of cultish, I agree)  Laurita’s sorority was very blonde, wealthy, skinny and hot- the epitome of Orange County, where we went to school.  I noticed how some of the other sororities were…umm…not quite as blessed.  To be fair, Laurita and all of her sorority sisters that I knew were very nice, cool girls!  But, man, I’m sure it was easy for some people to hate them!  It got me thinking about being in a sorority and choosing a group of girls and them choosing you.  It’s such an interesting dynamic that in another life I would have LOVED to experience!  What if I ended up in a not-so-cool sorority?  I’m so weirdly prideful, I don’t know how I’d respond to not getting my top choice!  It was cool to be an outsider and to see all the different groups and this whole sort of unspoken hierarchy and rivalries…  Awesome.

From there, the story was pretty easy.  The loser sorority has had enough after years of bullying by the hot girls- it’s time for revenge….  Pretty much wrote itself.

Now- I still don’t consider myself a writer.  It’s an awkward thing for me.  I don’t write because I think I’m this amazing writer or even because I WANT to write or WANT to be a writer, I write out of necessity!  In college we had to take a bunch of acting for the camera classes and you would have to choose scenes from books or a database.  I never found anything I liked and I asked my professor if I could write my own, and he was like, you can try.  If it’s good enough, you can do it.

So I started writing.  I’d write based on characters I wanted to play, or based on the strengths of my scene partner and I.  We’d shoot a lot of my scenes.  Then I wrote a play called “American Girl” about a wide range of female issues with sex and body image…etc.  (I also double minored in Sociology and Women’s Studies)  I ended up directing the show at Chapman, which was amazing.  My cast of actors was truly gifted.  I can’t tell you why I decided to write a play, because I can’t remember.  Bored?  Curious, maybe?  No idea.  But I’m glad I did.

Next I moved to Hollywood.  A year or so in, my roommate was struggling to get her SAG card.  (SAG stands for the Screen Actor’s Guild, the professional union for actors.)  I had busted my ass on a million sets to get mine, but it was eventually luck and a featured role that did it for me.  We found out that there was a “new media loophole”: If you had a role in a SAG new media project (like a web series), you could earn your SAG card.  It was a lot of paperwork because it had to be a legitimate project, not just dicking around with an iPhone.  I told her I’d write it for her and be in it with her.

So I wrote a little series called, “Roommating,” about 2 female roommates who while interviewing for a third roommate meet a great looking gay guy and make a bet on who can turn him straight.

It made her SAG as well as my friend Zack.  Then I wrote a short: a parody of the reality show:”Toddlers and Tiaras.”  But once again, I wrote because we needed a writer, not because I wanted to write!

The turning point was probably meeting my boyfriend who actually IS a writer.  I would tell him my ideas and he’d always say, “That’s a great idea.  Write it.”  I would be hesitant because I knew my formatting was crappy and I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing, and he’s the one that told me it didn’t matter.  He gave me the confidence to just DO IT.  Since then I’ve written a pilot, a short, started several features, and most recently, I wrote that musical, “Destroy the Alpha Gammas.”

Not going to lie, it’s probably my proudest accomplishment.  I remember watching Stephyn from the art department in the kitchen with a bag of frosting, icing dozens of cookies to read “Slut” on them.  I was like, wow, that was like, in my head, and now I can eat one!  I sort of forgot that it wasn’t just in my head, that by writing it, it was now in everyones head and we needed to create it and put it onscreen!  It becomes much bigger than you.

I can not wait to share the project because I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work on it.  I didn’t have any idea how or IF it would ever get made.  I guess the first step is always doing the thing you think you cannot do.Image