Your Fall/Winter Style Guide!

We don’t exactly have seasons in Southern Cali. Not everything on this list may be super sensible for your location, still, just because the colder months are coming doesn’t mean you crawl into a hole and only emerge in puffy coats and jeans.

When you know your outfit is awesome, you can’t help but feel hot! Take a risk, wear something out of your comfort zone and have fun with fashion. Here’s what I’m loving right now, where I shop and where you can snag the looks that are current, fun and sexy!

ENOUGH with the Black!

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Here’s some real talk: no one is impressed by your LBD. I know it makes you feel skinny. I know you think it’s classic and Coco Chanel was a goddess. I know what the magazines have told you.

When I see a girl wearing a typical black dress and heels to a night out/event/wedding I think: this is a girl that has no style. Or doesn’t care.  If I’m going somewhere I don’t care about, I too, might wear an LBD. (Doubtful, but possible.)

Black may be classic, but it’s phoning it in. Black is meant to hide and disguise, hence feeling skinny. Stop hiding.

Girl, put the black away. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone, hair, eye color and personality and I PROMISE you will get 10x more check outs and compliments.  Trust.

Hit up: Lulus, They always have a ton of color options!  And if you ABSOLUTELY MUST wear black, please don’t phone it in! Make it awesome like these, and pair it with some awesome shoes, jewelry and purse! Nasty Gal does black right!

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Athletic Wear


I LOVE the new trend of pairing boyish athletic pieces with the feminine.

I just bought an awesome varsity jacket from Forever 21. It’s maroon and black leather and I can’t wait to wear it with little dresses instead of a blazer. It toughens up something girly in an off beat way.

I’m also a big fan lately of throwing my white converse on with a cute dress. It’s a quick, easy way to be comfy and make it look effortless yet stylish.

Hit up: Forever 21 or Nordstrom, or for the super cool new Rita Ora collection, Adidas

2 Piece Ensembles

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The top part of everyone’s mid-section tends to look awesome! Too many tacos this week? No problem! Put on a high waisted skirt and a matching crop top and it’s a sexy alternative to a dress but flattering and oh so fun.

Hit up: BooHoo has tons of choices!

Knee High Socks & Tights

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I hate pants. They make me itchy, I wear dresses and shorts year round. BUT cold weather IS a thing.  SO…When I head east or up north to San Fran to see my family, I love sweatery knee socks from Free people. I have them in a ton of patterns and colors and then I can wear my dresses in the winter! I sometimes layer them with cute tights.

Cold weather + Style = Possible

Hit Up: Free People. Period.


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I’m so over bras. I realize chestier girls don’t have much of a choice, but I am obsessed with the jelly pasties you can get at Target and I wear bralettes from free people almost every day. I own them in tons of different colors and since they are pretty and colorful and lacey, it’s ok to SEE them peek out! PLEASE don’t be the girl in the racerback dress with the tacky bra straps hanging out for the world to see! You have OPTIONS, woman.

Hit Up: Free People. Again, no brainer.

Sexy Sweaters

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Fitted, soft, comfy! Lace or leather trim! Off the shoulder! Try it with a mini skirt to dress it up. Or try a cropped sweater with a high waisted skirt/pants. You got this. Colder months don’t mean sex appeal goes out the window!

Hit up: Urban Outfitters always has an awesome selection

I Still love Rompers!

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If you’re a girl that never knows what to wear and tries on a million outfits before going anywhere, simplify your life. Get yourself some rompers. They are an already complete ensemble.  I especially love them with pockets! Rompers are so cute, so comfy, so EASY! You don’t worry about them being too short because, they aren’t a dress, after all! They have a very casual look, which is what I like.  I own the black one above with the flowers (get it HERE) and it’s one of my favorite things right now! I get a million compliments and I can dress it up for going out or I’ll wear it to the coffee shop.

Hit Up: I just got this awesome romper from HelloMolly which is in Australia, a bit of a risky online purchase but it fits me perfectly and is so comfy and cute!  I’ll definitely be buying more stuff from them.

Coats: Keep it SIMPLE & SLEEK

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I rarely need a coat, but I have a couple awesome ones in my closet. The key with coats this season is keeping them VERY simple and very warm. Lately I’m not into a lot of buttons and zippers and prints. The more simple and classic your coat is, the more versatile it is! I hate putting together an awesome outfit for a Holiday party and feeling like it’s going to get ruined by the coat. If you get a coat that is in a neutral color a warm material and fits perfectly, it only adds to the look! Definitely a worthwhile investment! Don’t be the chick freezing on the street corner because you took the flimsy sweater that completed the outfit instead of a more substantial choice.

Hit Up: Here are a couple cool choices at Bloomingdales and Macy’s

Also check out: 


My little cousin, Sheila, sells jewelry for Chloe + Isabel and their stuff is rad. I especially like the Natural Luxe Collection. Great for gifts! A bit bohemian mixed with fabulosity.


Bloomingdale’s has an AWESOME new section that is trendier, younger and more affordable! It’s called Sunset + Spring and features super cool brands like Mink Pink and most pieces are under $100!

So there ya go! Go raid your closet before blowing a ton of money and see what you can add to your wardrobe that will fit into the family nicely! And please, hook me up with some pics of you going out, I’d love to see you rocking these fall/winter trends!

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