Facebook is not Your Personal Soap Box

When did Facebook get so damn political?

I can’t check out my feed without seeing people getting crazy confrontational about everything ranging from Beyonce videos to police brutality.

People have strong views, I get it. Great. But somehow in the last few months the growing sentiment seems to be that Facebook is not only a social site to share your vacation pics, but a platform that DEMANDS you express your contrasting opinion every opportunity that presents itself.  Not so much.

Every time something goes viral and gets some positive coverage, it seems that some people race to be the cloud that rains on everyone’s parade.

I’m sure you know at least one of these types. They are probably the friend that:

Mocked the hashtag, #BringBackOurGirls

Labeled Emma Watson’s speech “rubbish” 

Felt the ALS Challenge was a useless stunt

Declared that opting out of paying it forward at the Starbuck’s Drive-thru is just “good economics”

Think Aretha’s cover of Adele is an embarrassing auto-tuned mess

Argue that Ray Rice was unjustly demonized

Sound familiar?

It’s America, you’re entitled to your opinion.  Still- maybe that space to make a comment underneath someone’s status update is NOT the best place to air out your grievances and flex those debate skills from high school.

When the iconic Robin Williams passed, many argued over whether or not suicide is a selfish act.  I have always felt that suicide IS very selfish. After pondering and discussing this and coming up with clear points as to why I believe taking your own life is selfish, I realized that even IF I were to present a list of enlightened points, it would only MAKE PEOPLE FEEL LIKE CRAP. Why do I care about convincing everyone that suicide is selfish? How does that make the family members of a deceased person feel? If the thought that a suicidal loved one “took their life because they felt it was their only way out” is comforting and gives someone a sense of understanding, then who am I to come along and pick that apart for the sake of argument?

It’s not about who’s right. Is your opinion adding something valuable to the conversation? No? You just feel that someone needs to play devil’s advocate? Guess what-SOMEONE DOES NOT.

It’s not your job as a Facebook user to troll your feed for articles you don’t agree with. I’ve seen people get de-friended (which may be a good thing if 2 people can’t see eye to eye on what they consider paramount topics). But- isn’t Facebook supposed to be about connecting socially? I’ve seen people blatantly spew hate at other races, the opposite sex, our president, other political parties, the latest Disney movie… It’s gotten ugly.


Here’s my public service announcement:


If you want to have a serious debate about a serious topic, maybe consider taking it off Facebook? Maybe post that combative comment only when it’s something that you morally must say- not just for the sake of arguing. Know the difference. If you feel a charity driven challenge is stupid, maybe let people enjoy it anyway? Maybe if you DO want to engage in a debate on your feed, you keep it civil.  It’s beautiful to live in a world with a wide range of backgrounds, let’s be sensitive and not make Facebook the home of touchy contrarians.

:::::::::::Mic Drop:::::::::::::


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