Where to Eat in LA!


I love to eat. I love everything from trendy sushi spots to Olive Garden. People ask me my favorite places to eat in my area all the time so here ya go! Keep in mind, in LA you rarely leave your ‘hood. If you live west, you stay west. Live in the valley? I’m gonna bet you generally wine and dine in the valley. I live in West Hollywood so I tend to frequent only spots in weho/Hollywood area!

La Poubelle (French)


Located in Franklin Village, My boyfriend and I do date nights here often. It’s dim lit, the cocktails are great and it’s super romantic. UCB, an awesome comedy troupe/school/theater is right next door.  For an awesome date, go to dinner then catch a show! You Must Try: Their truffle brussel sprout leaves. Thank me later.

Vintage Enoteca (Italian Fusion)


My favorite neighborhood spot. The sangria during happy hour is sweet and amazing. It has a seasonal menu that is constantly changing so I’m always excited to try the new items and never get bored.  Love their flatbreads and pastas. You Must Try: The deviled eggs. I don’t even love deviled eggs, but I LOVE theirs.

The Churchill (American)


People often come here to drink because it’s a cool vibe and has a huge bar area, but the food is actually ridic! If you are like me and constantly trying to eat low-carb, you will LOVE it here because they have a TON of yummy veggie sides. I love their meatballs and I usually get a chopped salad or tons of sides like caramelized carrots or asparagus.  All the girls I bring here are always in heaven. You must try: the inca smash cocktail—especially if you love blackberries!

Delancey (Pizza)


Another great date place! Candlelit, intimate, great food, super chill atmosphere. STILL, last time I was there I brought my family who was visiting, sitting nearby was Michelle Williams, Josh Jackson, Busy Phillips and Diane Krueger.  I promise though, Delancey manages to be cool without being TOOO sceney. You Must Try: The Mercer Pizza is my fave! Carmelized onions, bacon, gorgonzola..mmmmm…..

Ruen Pair (Thai)


Best, most authentic Thai in Thai town! Not fancy at all. No frills. Very inexpensive, HUGE portions, fast service. Must Try: Pad Ka Prow: spicy basil ground chicken. They do it right!

Bao (Dim Sum)


I’m big on dim sum because I’m from San Francisco. Dim sum is my JAM. This place is amazing. Everything is good! Great to go with friends and order a ton of stuff to try. You can’t go wrong! Must Try: The dessert milk buns and the Chinese Chicken salad

Salt’s Cure (American, Butcher)


Meat lovers will love this place. It’s a few blocks from my house so my boyfriend and I go for brunch. It’s cool and hipster-y but the food is cooked right behind the counter, down home, comfort food.   Makes you feel like they butchered the animal out back. Small menu, cool specials, NOT for vegetarians or picky orderers! MUST try: the breakfast sausage. REDIC.

Bld (American)


My go-to brunch spot. Anytime an out of towner comes to visit, I take them here. It can be a bit of a wait on the weekends, but it’s worth it! The food is fresh and delicious and accessible for picky eaters. Wednesday nights the pastry chef makes gourmet doughnuts. C’mon. You must try: The Morrocan lamb burger

Sugarfish (Sushi)


Alright, gotta have ONE super trendy spot on here! It’s LA, after all. Here’s the thing about Sugarfish, even though there’s a ton of hype: It’s earned. My boyfriend  is Japanese and he knows his sushi. The sushi at this place is just so clean and fresh and awesome. I am not super crazy adventurous with sushi, my boyfriend will try AN-Y-THING, I don’t like fishy tasting stuff.  I’m never scared to try anything at Sugarfish, though, because it’s all so good! You Must Try: The Trust Me (if you’re hungry) or The Trust Me Light.  Get a little bit of everything with these prix-fixed dinners.

Have a spot you absolutely love that I didn’t mention? Would love to know!  Hook me up: leahmckendrick@gmail.com


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