Staying Skinny


It’s a battle!  Whether I like it or not, It’s part of what I do as an actor.  Duh.  It can be hard and I get insecure all the time!  A lot lately, actually.

I’d always been secure about my size, I’m naturally thin.  I never used to own a scale or worry about it.  I’m famous for eating anything and everything and I love fast food.  I’ve always been the friend that demands we hit up the Wendy’s drive through after a night out.  Well, I’m not 21 anymore and for the first time, I can see it!  I’m not able to get away with murder anymore.  The other day I had a freak out because since the holidays my clothes have not really been fitting me!

People ask me how I stay thin and I USED to say, “I work out a lot”.  That’s not really true.  I would say that though, hoping people would just think, “She earned it, I can too.”  instead of “that Jack in the Box eating bitch!”  My metabolism has most definitely slowed, but I still need to stay thin!  So here is the TRUTH.  Here are my tips, and keep in mind, I’m not a personal trainer, just an actress.

-Do stuff with friends.  In LA we have a hiking spot called Runyon Canyon.  I ask a friend to go with me and most of the time you just talk and catch up.  You feel great afterwards and don’t feel bad about eating all day!  Plus, you want and need to see your friends anyway!

-Take dance class!  If you live in LA or NY, there are certain studios where the DANCER dancers go, and that can be really intimidating!  Find out where there are studios with fun classes that are more for people looking for a good time or a great work out.  You won’t feel self conscious and you can have fun with it.  Try hip hop, or sexy burlesque or grab a girlfriend and do a pole dancing class!

-Don’t deny yourself anything.  If I say absolutely no to pizza, burgers, sweets:  I’m miserable.  So swap them out for something less dangerous.  Instead of cookies have frozen yogurt.  Share the burger with someone and order a huge salad.  Make your own pizza at home and load it up with fresh veggies.  I have VERY LITTLE self restraint when it comes to food so I have to figure out what tastes good, makes me happy and doesn’t make me feel like I’m depriving myself.

-Don’t eat late at night.  This is a HARD one but here’s a tip I’ve told a lot of people and they’ve told me it works for them also.  Late at night I will get cravings even though I’m not particularly hungry.  I want ice cream and/or chips usually.  I try not to keep that stuff in the house but if it’s there, I WANT IT.  So here ya go:  If you have a salty craving, eat some olives.  I always have a jar of them and I’ll eat them one at a time and they are so salty and yummy after a couple I’m usually happy.  Sometimes I’ll also have a bit of turkey with it.  Easy, quick, satisfying!  When I’m craving sweet, I love vanilla greek yogurt.  It’s so thick and creamy it always feels decadent.  Another one I’ve done,  I stole from Natalie Portman.  When she was losing weight for Black Swan, if she got hungry at night, she would drink milk. I’m not telling you to go hungry.  If you are hungry, EAT!  But if you are eating out of boredom or out of habit, like me:  Don’t warm up those leftovers, nosh.

-Alcohol.  I don’t believe in cutting out alcohol.  Works for some people, very impressive, power to them!  But not to sound like an alcoholic, alcohol is a part of my social life.  I meet my friends for happy hour.  We have wine at my house…  Nothing wrong with it!  I love trying new weird cocktails everywhere I go: DANGEROUS.  Those signature cocktails are usually loaded with TONS of sugar.  I love them!  This is a hard one for me.  Vodka sodas suck and bore me.  So make a compromise:  Have one cocktail and then switch.  Red wine instead of white.  Skinny margarita instead of regular.  Just remember: just because it’s a liquid doesn’t mean it’s not packed with naughty stuff.  Enjoy yourself but don’t go crazy!

-Get in a little bit every day.  If you live in LA like me, you probably never walk anywhere.  It’s the culture!  But find a way to get active every day that is painless and easy.  Walk to the nail salon.  Take the stairs at the movies.  Run on the treadmill for 20 min.  I love crunches because my stomach is always my biggest concern.  It’s not about becoming a crazy body builder that works out for 90 minutes every day, it’s about taking opportunities to get out of your car and using your feet.

-Desperate times call for desperate measures: yep I’m going to say it.  When you really want to look good for something, cut out carbs.  This is SOOOOO hard.  When I was getting ready for a role last year, I did it and I was so busy the 2 weeks leading up to shooting that I actually stuck to it and I looked GOOD, not gonna lie!  It’s hard.  I LOVE thai food.  If you love thai food too, I would recommend having a lot of that because there are a lot of yummy dishes, just don’t get the rice!  I would eat a lot of pa gra pow: a chicken and basil dish.  And I love green beans and tofu.  Other suggestions: lettuce wraps, tuna filled avocados, Chicken breast and salad…You get it!  If you’ve got a pool party coming up, give it a shot!


At the end of the day, it’s not about looking like a Victoria’s Secret model.  They are freaks of nature plus they make millions to STAY looking like that!  That must be tough.

Your goal should be to feel sexy and look your best.  Don’t you feel awesome after you just worked out?  I know I do.  So get out there, get active, and eat food that tastes GOOD to you. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

I hope this helps!




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