Things I Love…

Things are going great right now.  I’m happy.  Still, it’s easy to self sabotage.  I’m not going to do it!  There’s too much to be grateful for.  Here’s my little list…Things that I love, that make me happy to be me and to be alive…  Just in time for some turkey!


Sunsets!  My cat’s little purring/snoring thing he does.  Showing my boyfriend funny online videos at night and hearing him laugh.  Being home in San Francisco during Thanksgiving with my family.  Looking at dresses by Zuhair Murad and fantasizing about going to the VMAs and what I’d wear…Try it! Having a great audition where I walk away and don’t think about it for the rest of the day because I am at peace with my work.  Batkid.  Being a bridesmaid!  A really, really great movie.  (Just saw Kings of Summer– A MUST SEE!)  Bedtime Tea from Trader Joe’s.  Being a woman.  Being able to finally LET IT GO.  Jean jackets.  When your hard work pays off.  Not giving a fuck what they think.  Spending the day with your friends and realizing how lucky you are to have friends!  Dressing up.  Chanel.  The new chandelier I got for my bedroom!  Being in my 20s!  (Old enough to do everything legally but still young enough to make mistakes without too much judgement!)  Fedoras.  Cozy thigh high socks.  New Orleans!  Coming home and having a new episode of New Girl to watch!  Sleeping in!  Inspirational quotes.  Realizing you’ve healed because you forgot about it.  Breakfast for dinner!  The pistachio body wash I use (from Laura Mercier–the BEST!)  Feeling beautiful.  Holiday Victoria’s Secret commercials!  Halloween costumes.  Being told, “I’m proud of you.”  Wearing my boyfriends shirts to bed every night.  The feeling AFTER working out.  Warm chocolate chip cookies.  Not minding the traffic after a long day.  Knowing you made the right decision.  Being so happy you never married the first guy you thought you were going to marry!  My sexy new winter booties.  Sex and the City reruns.  Connecting with a total stranger.  Funny lists on Buzzfeed (Like this one HAHA)

What do you love?


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