Miley Isn’t bad for Feminism, But BASHING Miley IS


I’m going to start by saying, I truly get both sides.

I’m a weird anomaly because I’m a trashy pop singer BUT I minored in Women’s Studies and Sociology in college.  I am a proud feminist.

Many feminists believe that Miley is terrible for women everywhere because she is over-sexualized, giving in to the media’s pressures to put her goods on display and placing the importance on twerking on married men rather than her music.

Others believe she is young and beautiful and is just having a good time being a bit of a hot mess.  She does what she wants!

What do I think?  The BEAUTY of being a woman today is that Miley, like the rest of us, has OPTIONS!  Covered-up-Lorde is successful.  Miley is successful.  Adele is successful.  Rihanna is successful.  You do NOT have to get half naked to sell records.  You also do NOT need to cover up every last inch of skin.  Female artists today can do whatever the hell they want to.

When I do my videos and my shows I’m definitely on Miley’s side of the spectrum.  And I plan it all that way.  I feel freer in less clothing.  I feel sexier and more powerful and more MYSELF.  Who is anyone to tell me to cover up?  I’m an ARTIST and I need to express myself!  I’m not hurting anyone!  You don’t like me?  Don’t watch me.  Very simple.  And you know what else?  It’s not my job or Britney’s or Miley’s or ANYONE’S to raise the youth of America.  It’s the job of your parents.  I loved Britney growing up but my Mom was right there to tell me I couldn’t wear that stuff until I was 18!

I happen to be one of those feminists that believes that Miley sets a POSITIVE example, in a way.  She is uninhibited.  She is not trapped in her body.  She RUNS her business.  She chooses her looks and her singles.  This girl has been in the business forever.  She earned it.

I urge females to refrain from the bashing.  Miley’s not your thing?  No problem, go watch something else.  You have choices.  But the media LOVES to pit females against one another.  How about we just support each other and all of our differences in tastes, opinions, creations…etc.

Because when you have that wild night and decide to dance on that table top, you can guarantee I will be rooting you on!  And so will Miley.


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