Real Life Mean Girls

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I’ve been lucky in my life that I feel I have and have always had a lot of love.  I’m close to my parents.  I’m close to my little sister.  I have friends that have been my friends for like 20 years.  There are never enough hours in a day or months in a year to spend all the time I want to spend with all the people I love.

I got an email from a “friend” a month or so ago that ripped me apart as a person.  It was super hurtful and plain mean.  I wouldn’t say those things to anyone.  When you get an email like that you think, oh my God, am I horrible person?  Do I use people?  Am I a raging bitch?  My friends and boyfriend and sister were like, that email is bullshit.  And then I realized: the email wasn’t just bullshit, it was wrong.  I know me, and the truth is, I LIKE me.  And the people I care about LIKE me.  The people I don’t care about may not.  But you can’t be a gold coin to everyone!  Now if someone who was important in my life, like my best friend Aerie came to me and said, I feel like you’re being judgmental (which she HAS said in the past) then I stop and think and change.  Because I love her and don’t want to ever lose her.  But she would NEVER call me names.  NEVER rip me apart as a person.  And the truth is, she ACTUALLY knows me.

This might sound harsh, but no one needs a million friends.  No one needs BAD friends.  I for sure don’t.  I had been distancing myself from that person who wrote me for months, knowing already what was later clarified.  I don’t need ANYONE around me that feels threatened, jealous, hurt, angry etc…  I know who I am.  I work hard, I have SPECIFIC goals and I’m an artist.  Life has enough challenges, your friends should only push you and encourage you, not add to your problems!

So maybe it was a great email. 🙂  Lesson learned.


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